Ultimate Easy Flash Drive

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Do you have an iPhone that is constantly running out of space? We know this can be super frustrating and sometimes a big pain to deal with. The Easy Flash Drive will be the answer to all your prayers!

Voted, Best iPhone Flash Drive on the market with it's ease of use, style & made with high quality materials.
No more dealing with complicated iTunes & finally a fast way to get photos & videos on/off your iPhone. 
Beware of other iPhone Flash Drive's on the market as many have low quality iPhone applications. 
  • Instantly increase your iPhones storage space by 8GB/16GB/32GB or 64GB
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Mac & PC computers so you can easily share files between all your devices
  • Take photos & videos on or off your iPhone or iPad in seconds instead of complicated iTunes syncing.
  • Avoid upgrading your iPhone and spending $100s of dollars
  • Play movies, tv shows or music directly from the easy flash drive so you don't waste phone storage
  • Protect sensitive documents with fingerprint encryption 
  • 3 year manufacturing warranty.