Fidget Cube (Original Edition)

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The Fidget Cube is not just an ordinary cube, it has all 6 faces equipped with different buttons and switches. It is specifically designed for those who can't keep their fingers still, and it doesn't matter if you're a clicker, a spinner, a flicker or a roller, this tool suits you the BEST!
The Fidget Cube is for anyone who is in stress and anxiety because this cube can help you ease the burden. It keeps your brain free of stress, and keeps your body muscles out of tense.
According to statistics, 91% of college students who used it before their presentation work score more than those who didn't. 86% of them spoke more fluently than they normally do, and 97% of them says that they would recommend this this their friends!

This uniquely designed Fidget Cube has some interesting features such as a switch, ball and gears and other more. It was initially designed to help people with psychological behavior focus mentally and relieve tension.