Thermal Pants with Built-In Socks

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If you take comfort and style as seriously as we do, then lounging around in our Thermal Pants with Built-In Socks offers you the best of both worlds!  Each pair of unisex pants features built-in foot socks that can be rolled down and worn whenever your feet get cold. Cover them up to relax, surrounded by warmth. Walking across a cold floor at night, without a pair of slippers, can be an unpleasant experience, but with these thermal pants, your feet are covered in seconds! Sitting on the couch and the blanket isn't quite big enough to cover your feet? Just roll down the built-in socks and you're comfy and cozy in no time. Available in a variety of sizes, there's a pair for everyone, and these thermal pants are perfectly suitable for larger children and teens that are big enough to wear them.

Putting on these Thermal Pants with Built-In Socks is easy! To wear, simply pull them up like an ordinary pair of sweatpants. Each pair of sweatpants features a white drawstring, at the waist, that can be used to cinch the waistline of your pants, to make them a little bit tighter, if needed. Then, you can roll down the integrated, plush-lined foot socks on your pants and slip your feet into them, as you would a pair of booties.

Whether you're relaxing, sleeping or doing light exercises or housework, you'll feel comfortable and cozy and you'll look good, too!