Mighty Bright Switch

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Introducing the all new Super Bright Switch that admits a powerful 200 lumens. It attaches in seconds to almost every surface and best of all there's no wiring or difficult installation required! Use Simply Bright Switch to brighten closets, dark pantries, cabinets and much more! The powerful LED lights will stay powered for 60,000 hours. Perfect for outdoor lighting as well.

Super Bright Light Switch gives you instant light just about anywhere with the flip of a switch! 

Use it to instantly add light to closets, dark corners, kids rooms, stairways, under the sink, tool boxes and sheds, basements and attics, or anywhere! Since Bright Switch is completely self-contained, it's great during power outages too.


Best of all Super Bright Switch stays cool to the touch so it's perfect for kids as well! Use it when the power goes out or as a handy flashlight! Super Bright Switch has a built in magnet so it will; stick to any metal surface!

Super Bright Switch Features:

  • Installs in seconds - No tools required
  • Sticks to virtually any surface.
  • Super bright LED's.
  • Cool to the touch
  • Magnetic
  • Will last over 60,000 hour