CurveTrack™ - Precise Contour Gauge with Lock

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Outline All Types Of Surfaces With Ease!

Having trouble tracing and measuring irregular shapes? There's no guesswork needed when the CurveTrack™ is around! The CurveTrack™ is your ultimate contour gauge tool that will give you precise outlines each time it's used.

Constructed by clever minds, the CurveTrack™ will never fail you. It comes with a trusty pulley that helps it glide through surfaces with ease while the secured pencil goes about mimicking every nook and cranny.


Durable - Constructed with high quality materials, the CurveTrack™ provides nothing but reliable work regardless of how frequently it's used. Whether you're tracing your wall, table ends, or doorways, the CurveTrack has got you covered!

Easy Use - The CurveTrack™ only takes seconds to set up and does not require much effort to use. All that you have to do is to secure the pencil and start measuring!

Versatile Design - The CurveTrack's tightness can be adjusted according to your liking. It is best used for outlining complex objects. You can lock it after each adjustment for more accuracy.

Portable Size - For an easier and more convenient workflow, the CurveTrack™ comes in a handy and compact size. This way, you can use it all around your home without a hassle.