Portable Washboard

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Unique Design: The surface of the Portable Washboard is designed with wavy lines, which can save energy and enhance the cleaning ability. 

Perfect For

  • Baby Clothes,
  • Hand Towels,
  • Kerchief,
  • Socks, Face masks etc

✅ Compact Design
Easy Storage
✅ Remove all stains in seconds
✅ For all Cloths


Washboard is made of high quality PP material and it measures Length 43 cm, Breadth 13 to 21 cm and Height 3 to 7 cm. They also have a small hole to hang it when not in use.

The laundry washboard has unique shape. The corrugated design on the board helps easily remove the stains and its smooth finish safeguards the clothes from wear and tear.

The scrubber pad can be used to hand wash all small clothes like baby clothes, hand towels, kerchief, socks, face masks etc. The washing board saves a lot of water and also electricity. It comes handy to teach your kids as a habit, as it is a fun way of learning.

There is hole to hang it dry once the usage is completed. The washing pad has a U shape compression on both the sides to fit perfectly in the tub. The washing tool consumes only very less time.

After usage dry it in shade for long durability. The washing tool consumes only smaller space for storage. You can even hang it after usage so water drains.