60% Floral Pattern Roller

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Forget Wallpaper! These Patterned Paint Rollers Are The Coolest Way To Design Your Walls

If you hate wallpaper but love patterns then you’re going to love these patterned rollers.

Each roller comes in two parts: firstly, there is the 6 inches wide, embossed patterned roller; then there is a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for paper, wood, and walls.

The rollers are reusable, interchangeable, and come in a variety of patterns.

Patterned Paint Roller

Floral Roses Design

Texture Printed Paint Roller attaches to our applicator for ease of use to paint wall, fabric, concrete, wood and more!

Paint directly on walls in your choice of color paint! Get a beautiful wallpapered look with the ease of paint!