Multi-Angled Template Ruler

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Whether you fix or decorate parts of your house or room, there are places that seems difficult to angle and measure out! With this amazing tool your job is made easy, eliminating tedious, repetitive measures and materials made from inaccurate cuts. It’s the most versatile tool you can own!


  1. Multidisciplinary: Ideal for tile, laminate, brick, stone, and wood carpentry
  2. Locks into place: Each angle is secured using a joint locking mechanism.  No longer do you need to make a new template for each job, or remeasure your angles for each cut.  Saves you both time and money
  3. Ideal for repetitive spacing and guaging: Set at 90-degree angles to space parallel pieces of wood, form into a T-Square to align your brick, or even set your own distances for corbelling – Plus, with a 10mm thickness, use it as a gauge/spacer for standard brick joints.
  4. Quality: Light-weight, durable, and compact-able