Mighty Glass Cleaner

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Aim, Spray, and Walk Away!

Getting the outside windows of your home clean can be a very tedious and even dangerous proposal. There are plenty of hard to reach areas that may require you to climb up ladders, trying to rub out stubborn spots, and trying to wash away grime stuck on the glass.

Mighty Glass Cleaner with its simple spray-and-walk-away functionality was specially designed and formulated to blast these problems away with your garden hose as easily as if you were watering your garden.


  • Works with any garden hose.
  • High pressure will spray water up to 27 feet.
  • Can clean through screens.
  • Very easy to use, simply add detergent into the specially designed spray bottle and begin spraying.
  • Ideal for the second or third floors windows and guttering

It was never easy cleaning a two-story homes' outside windows, But Mighty Glass Cleaner's high working pressure gives you the extra power need to get into those hard to reach areas and blast away all the dirt stuck in there. This also makes it perfect for cleaning cars, boats,  and other surfaces.

You don't need to purchase an expensive pressure washer or pay cleaners to clean away all that stubborn dirt, dust and grime. With the Mighty Glass Cleaner, you can now simply aim, spray and walk away knowing your windows look so clear it seems like they disappeared.