Kitchen Bathroom Anti-Odor Floor Drain Core

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Made of high-quality, flexible silicone, this Kitchen Bathroom Anti-Odor Floor Drain Core is a permanent and maintenance-free, one-way, silicone valve, that's easily retro-fitted into drains and floor wastes to stop stinky, sewer smells, hazardous odors, sewage back-wash, suds, cockroaches, and even noises emanating from drains into habitable areas. From homes, to hospitals, to high-rises, this drain core is 100% effective.

  • Deep Water Seal Deodorant
  • Left and Right Double Outlet Drainage
  • Rapid Drainage-Not Easily Blocked
  • Suitable for Conventional Floor Drains on the Market
  • A Hair Catcher & Drain Tube In One
  • Product Material: Non-Toxic Silicone
  • To Use: Measure the inner diameter of drain hole or floor waste to make sure the drain core is compatible. Please feel free to contact us for any installation issues.

Available In Multiple Drain Sizes:

(Style on first picture: B)

  • Style A 42-45mm 
  • Style B 42-45 short style
  • Style C 37-41mm
  • Style D 30-36mm