Handmade Bohemian Wrap Bracelet

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Add a touch of Boho chic to any outfit when you wear this Handmade Bohemian Wrap Bracelet! Stand out in the crowd and accessorize your outfit with the unique stone design of this Bohemian inspired stack. The rich, earthy tones featured in the semi-precious stones and leather add just the right amount of color and texture. Time to show off your fun and quirky side with this beautiful and colorful, handmade Boho bracelet. It's the perfect accessory to wear for any special occasion, and is suitable for wearing all year round!

Perfect for everyday wear, these polished stone bracelets are designed with Boho flair. Popular with women and girls of all ages, these Bohemian style wrap bracelets are an elegant and charming compliment to any outfit and are perfect for any season. Add color and warm, Earthy vibes to your day just by wearing this stone beaded bracelet.

These bracelets fit both men and women of any age. Awaken the cells within your body that are vibrating on a low frequency. Good for your health and your spirit, these stone bracelets will raise your vibrations, balance your energy, lighten your mood and cheer you up. 

These lovely bracelets are the perfect gift for any occasion and make great birthday, Christmas, graduation, job promotion, or bridesmaid gifts. What a wonderful way to mark the beginning of any new journey you might be taking in your life!

Bead Size- 6mm

Choose from Green, White, Navy, Yellow, Brown and Black!