Flexible Phone Holder

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The Flexible Phone Holder is the perfect device for those who love to relax on the couch or in bed while watching their favorite shows. It also comes in handy for those who need a practical solution to taking the perfect selfies. Compatible with most cell phones and built with the highest quality materials, the Flexible Phone Holder is sure to become your new best friend! 

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS material, this phone holder is strong and durable. Featuring 360 degree rotation, this innovative phone holder is designed to hold your cellphone, while hanging around your neck or your waist. This hands-free phone holder is ideal for watching movies, face-timing, listening to music, playing games on your phone or following directions on your GPS. Use it anywhere; in the car, the bathroom, bedroom, on a bicycle, at the gym, the office or in the kitchen, where it comes in particularly handy for hands-free, easy viewing of recipes or cooking instructions. Soft, thick foam, protects your neck muscles from getting sore and if you don't want the phone hanging around your neck or waist, you can always use the Flexible Phone Holder as a convenient stand and sit it on a desk, the bed, a table, the ground, a sofa, etc. It's multi-functional, so you can even wrap it around your bicycle handle, motorcycle handle, or even hang it from the front-seat head rest while sitting in the backseat of a car.

This universal phone stand is compatible with various cell phones, and the flexible phone clamp works with smartphones, such as iPhones 8, 7, 6, as well as 5, 4s, 3gs, iPods, GPS, PDA, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S7/S5, HTC, Nokia, LG, blackberries, etc. The adjustable clamp is designed for 360º adjustment. The circular shaft allows you to freely adjust to arbitrary angles, in order to meet a variety of visual needs.

  • Suitable for any size mobile phone
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable and flexible design
  • Convenient to store, keep one in the desk, bedside table or car
  • The material is durable and safe to use
  • Comes in a large variety of stylish colors