Electric Liquid Transfer Pump
Electric Liquid Transfer Pump
Electric Liquid Transfer Pump
Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

Electric Liquid Transfer Pump

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Eliminate manual siphoning and transfer gas, water, or other non-corrosive liquids, without getting it all over your hands and clothes, with this handy Electric Liquid Transfer Pump! Now, when your car runs out of gas on the highway, or you need to gas up your generator, you can do it quickly, easily and cleanly, and you won't have to endure a mouthful of foul tasting fuel!


No More Manual Siphoning- Anyone who's ever tried to transfer gas, straight from a container, into another vehicle or generator, knows exactly how dangerous and messy a job that can be! Now, with the Electric Liquid Transfer Pump, you'll never have to worry about that again. Transfer gas, from container to car, conveniently, safely and effortlessly! It pumps liquids automatically, and is capable of transferring 6 quarts per minute!

No More Waste- Prevent leaks and overflow, and save time and money!

One Pump, Multiple Liquids- Transfer water (non-drinkable), oil, and any other non-corrosive liquids, using this handy pump. You can even use it to pump water out of a clogged sink, transfer water from an aquarium for cleaning, or fill your lawnmower with gas, and lots more.

 Perfectly Portable- Battery-operated and lightweight, this pump is easy to carry with you, wherever you go.

A Useful Tool- Convenient and practical, this pump is an effective tool for use in the garage, basement, bathroom, shop, or yard. It's the perfect tool to keep in your car in case of emergencies.

    Operating Instructions: 

    • First, twist the lid off, to open the battery cover. Insert 2 D batteries (not included) and replace the cover. Next, insert the suction pipe into the supply (sending) container. Place the other end of the pipe to the receiving container to transfer the liquid. Then Just Press The Button! Pressing the button again, will stop liquid from transferring. 
    • When finished, keep the pump upright and lift the handle above the pump mechanism this will drain any liquid back into the original container. Do not lay the pump down until all liquid has been drained from the tube and pump! Run water through the pump after using it with another liquid. This will rinse the interior and extend the life of your pump.


    1. Do not turn the switch on when the suction pipe is outside of the supply container.
    2. It is normal if a small amount of transferred liquid leaks outside the tube. This leaking happens due to the pressure release to avoid having the liquid reach the battery area.
    3. Use with any non-corrosive liquids such as gas, diesel, and water (NOT Drinking Water), etc.