Electric Fast Drying Clothes Hanger

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Are you ready for the winter while living in an Apartment, Dormitory, Camper or a Small rented room? Will the snowy day make it hard for your series of clothes to dry? It definitely will be and the longer it stays wet, the worse it will smell. So, you need to look for a quick and efficient clothes dryer to handle loads of laundry.

This Mini Folding Portable Electric Fast-Drying clothes Dryer- Hanger is absolutely very convenient way to enjoy drying your clothes. 




  • Fashionable appearance and distinguish craftsmanship.
  • It is a simple operation and easy to carry. 
  • Nursing clothes by heat wind, cold wind and anion functions.
  • Low power, safe and reliable. 
  • Traveling essentially by self-dry and smooth clothing functions.
  • It is home essential with normal clothing drying,small-scaled clothes, and shoes urgently dry function.

Package Include:
1 x Hang Dryer
2 x Air hose