Custom Tea Socks Custom Tea Socks Dayfairs White
Custom Tea Socks Custom Tea Socks Dayfairs
Custom Tea Socks Custom Tea Socks Dayfairs

Custom Tea Socks

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Looking to show off your love of tea? Or maybe you're just looking for the perfect, little gift for the tea lover in your life? THINK SOCKS! No, really. Pretty much, every grown-up gets excited about new socks, especially socks as cute as these! 

For all the tea lovers out there, who know that there isn't a problem in the world that can't be fixed with a nice, hot, cup of tea, these socks are for you! These amusing and cozy socks feature the inscription, "If you can read this, make me tea"! They've also got a steaming cup of tea on them, to emphasize the demand. It's all in fun, but it does let your loved ones know exactly what you need and how to make you happy! So sit back and relax and see if your loved one will treat you to a hot cup of tea. 

These socks make a wonderful gift for Mom, Dad, Wife or Husband, Aunts and Uncles and especially those people in your life who love a good cup of tea! Pair it with a box of assorted chocolates, a bottle of wine or a basket full of assorted flavored teas and you've got yourself a unique and amusing gift that any wife, girlfriend or sister would love! 

These Custom Tea Socks feature a non-slip, funny, brown inscription and are super soft and incredibly comfortable

Composition: 100% cotton

Unisex-One Size Fits All!