Color Switch Brush Cleaning Sponge

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Clean your brushes Instantly with our Color Switch Brush Cleaning Sponge. No water or liquids needed.

The special material allows you to remove pigment from your brushes without brush cleaner formula.


Inspired by a common makeup artist dilemma of how remove powder product from brushes without the drying time of a liquid brush cleaner, this sponge offers a dry alternative.


  • The Quick Change Is Lifesaver
    Even you use high-pigment eye shadow, you just ran the brush back and forth across the sponge a few times, it really remove all remaining color on the brush quickly and effectively, so that you can immediately use it for another color and that helps speed up your makeup process.
  • Saves You Time And Money
     No more wiping them on a towels, wipes or tissues before using the next eye shadow color! It a good temporary alternative instead of having to wash the brush with soap and water every single time. 
  • Color Removal Without Chemical Solution
     You just take your dirty brush in between colors and brush it back and forth to get the old color off and move onto your next color. No liquid or soap, no more chemicals on your brush or contacting your skin.
  • Efficient And Reusable
     Both sides of the black sponge are usable. The sponge could be washed and reused, efficient and environmental. 
  • Perfect Size For Traveling 
    This is the perfect size for any makeup kit, beauty drawer, or for traveling. The convenient compact tin is very sturdy & the lid closes nice & secure. It keeps your makeup bag clean and smudge free!
  • Glide any eye shadow brush in a circular motion against the sponge to remove one color and then switch to the next color.
  • To reuse or disinfect the sponge, add a small drop of soap, run it under warm water, squeeze out all pigment, and lay flat to dry.


    • Size:  8 x 8 x 3 cm
    • Box material: : Aluminum


    • 1 x Color Switch Brush Cleaning Sponge