BraWashPro™ - Wash Your Bras Without Damaging Them!

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The BraWashPro protects your bra during washing in the washing machine and so extends the life of your valuable bra! You will not get dents or wrinkles in the cups of your bra!

Slim-slit design prevents your bra straps/hooks from catching on and damaging your other clothes in the washing machine!

Lock, place and wash... simplicity with staggering results every time!

The simple but unique design of the BraWashPro you can wash your bra with confidence in your washing machine.

  • The BraWashPro can be used for all types of bra.
  • You can wash two bras at the same time.
  • The bra can be put in the BraWashPro™ very easily.
  • Because of the firm quality, it can be used regularly and lasts for years.
  • It's best to put the BraWashPro™ together with other laundry in a full washing machine.
  • The BraWashPro  is suitable for normal as well as padded bras up to and including cup size D.
  • Dirt Agitator included to ensure robust cleaning

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