Beard Trimming Catcher

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Is your girlfriend mad at you because you just shaved and now she has to unclog the sink AGAIN? Well, with our NEW Beard Trimming Catcher apron, you'll never get in trouble for that again! Featuring suction cups that lock into place on your shaving mirror, this shaving apron is the ideal catch-all for those grubby beard shavings that end up all over the bathroom counter and even worse, down the drain to form that next big clog!

Simply secure the velcro neck straps and attach the suction cups to the mirror or another smooth surface. You can use the Loop Holders for pausing sessions, then when you're done, just detach the cape, slide the hair trimmings into the trash and VOILA! No More Clogged Sinks!

By adding 10 seconds to your shaving routine, you can save yourself (or someone else) hours of cleaning time. YES, this Beard Trimming Catcher apron is the perfect choice for saving you loads of cleaning time!

100% Nylon, waterproof, washing machine safe or just hang it to dry.

Our smart, grooming apron set is a wonderful gift idea for your boyfriend, husband, dad, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and all of the other men in your life! Plus, you're doing the women in their lives a big favor too! It's a win win situation!