The X Sharpener Household Wantrends
The X Sharpener Household Wantrends
The X Sharpener Household Wantrends
The X Sharpener Household Wantrends

The X Sharpener

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Swipe and Sharpen your Knives in seconds!

Do you have a drawer full of knives but nothing sharp? Stop crushing your food instead of cutting it - what a mess! Don't use fix-edged sharpeners that grind down and destroy your knives. The X Sharpener replaces your Japanese sharpening stone, water sharpening, stone, and knife sharpening block. The X Sharpener is exactly what you need - innovative knife sharpener with independent spring action arms that will make your old blades razor sharp in seconds! 

If you want the sharpest knives possible, you need The X Sharpener! It's so different because it has two independent spring action sharpeners made of ultra-hard Tungsten Carbide that flex and contour to your knife’s edge better than a knife sharpening stone. All your knives will have perfect razor sharp edges in an instant. Yes, you read it - all type of knives! Unlike electric knife sharpeners or sharpening steels, The X Sharpener can even sharpen serrated knives.


  • The X Sharpener is made of ultra-tough Tungsten Carbide that flexes and contours to any blade
  • Two independent spring action arms - razor sharpens in seconds
  • Sharpens, hones, and polishes your old knives – give your chef knife and butcher knife a makeover
  • Professional and portable knife sharpener works on all types of knife blades, like standard, serrated, and beveled
  • Contemporary design - stores easily in a cabinet or drawer

The X Sharpener sharpens your kitchen knives in seconds! But it goes beyond sharpening. The X Sharpener also hones knives, the process which burnishes out deformities in and realigns the blade. Polish your knife to get rid of surface scratches and restore its luster. Just swipe and sharp - save time, money and energy! Go get yours now with our incredible discount!