Amenitee Smartphone Driver Heads Up Display

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Amenitee Glass is a basic device that will take full advantage of your smartphone to give you a flexible HUD on a very modest budget.
  • Amenitee Smartphone Driver Glass is a universal vehicle head-up display accessory for any phone. Just affix it to your dashboard, place your smartphone on its cradle, and you will see your directions and your navigation information right in your line of sight, so you'd never need to take your eyes off the road or mind off driving.
  • Each driver glass comes with two types of stands to accommodate any dashboard.
  •  It lets you use any head-up display app on any smartphone in low-light visibility or on a clear day. Just use the navigation apps on your smartphone to get directions for your heading.


AMENITEE Glass allows using any head-up display app on any smartphone both in poor visibility and on a clear day


You can use Amenitee Glass in any time of the day and visibility — its reflection rate allows to get a good reflection even on a clear day. When it’s dark outside, decrease your smartphone brightness to avoid the second reflection on the windshield.

A few tips to get better reflection visibility in daytime:
— Adjusting glass angle (the best reflection image is obtained at 53°)
— Augmenting phone screen brightness 
— Opting for green UI elements (like in HUDWAY, Sygic and Navmii apps.

If your smartphone dimensions are within 158 x 77 mm (6.2 x 3.1 inches), AMENITEE Glass can be used with it.

The Glass has two mounts — a large one with a bendable base, and a slim one. Choose which one fits dashboard better, peel off the film, and stick the mount to the dashboard. Place the cradle on top of the mount and slide it until it snaps in place.

We use jelly-glue adhesives that are reusable and leave no traces when they’re removed.